Add a Dusk One Lamp to the Home

Saving money on utility bills is the goal of most households. Putting on a sweater before turning up the thermostat, shutting off lights as the family leaves a room, and adding a pellet stove in the living room are basic ways to conserve fuel and cut costs. Washing clothes in cold water, adding more blankets to the bed, and using lamps when bright lighting is not necessary also help with expenses. Another idea is to add a Dusk One Lamp or two to the home.

Save Money

This particular lamp utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to operate efficiently and save owners money. Not another programmable product, the lamp requires no added equipment or effort on the part of the owner. Simply plug it in and it begins to work at saving money. There are two major functions that cut down on utility costs every day of the year.


The smart lamp has sensors that respond to the brightness of the sunlight and the setting of the sun. At the first sign of daybreak, the lamp turns itself off. As twilight begins and the sun starts to fade, it goes on automatically. There is no need to adjust any timers to correspond to different seasons because the lighting has no timer.

Learning Habits

The second way money is saved is related to the fact that the lamp learns the habits of the occupants regarding other times the lighting is turned on or off. Those same habits are maintained when no one is at home. The benefits here include added security for the property and safety for the family. A light deters thieves.

Arriving home to find a light on prevents people from tripping over furniture, running into obstacles, or falling over the cat. Working late, having a drink with coworkers after the shift, or coming home late after a date is not a problem anymore. Placing a lamp just inside the door means entering in total darkness is in the past.

Automated Systems

Smart lamps add to the ease of use and savings enjoyed from an existing automated system for the house. It integrates well with electronic assistant programs making the lamp respond to voice commands or the touch of a finger. Find detailed information, including pricing online.